Covering all your network life cycle

Public networks

ATEC offers mobile network operators end to end services, from inception and planning to deployment and operations. ATEC brings vast experience working with local and international operators to design, develop, deploy and operate their networks.

Smart Cities

Mobile operators worldwide are investing in 5G networks, and proponents of this much-hyped technology believe it will enable a new wave of smart city development. According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), “5G is not just an evolutionary upgrade of the previous generation of cellular networks. It is a revolutionary technology … and a critical piece of the smart city puzzle.”
By providing higher data rates, increased traffic capacity, ultra-low latency, and high connection density, 5G offers opportunities for urban innovators striving to create smart city services in the pandemic era and beyond. ATEC wireless helps mobile operators and municipalities utilize, plan and deploy 5G to empower innovation in smart mobility, remote work, online education, and telehealth.

Public Safety

An essential role of any government is public safety, protecting its citizens from disasters such as fire, earthquakes, hazardous spills or crimes. This entails both the prevention of and swift response to dangerous catastrophes. Collaboration among relevant organizations, including medical support, police, military and fire department, is crucial to accomplish such tasks. As such, seamless communication and information exchange among the different parties are top priorities.
ATEC Wireless is committed to providing robust and secure wireless network planning and deployment for public safety agencies so that they are able to monitor, patrol, and respond to emergency situations without any delay. ATEC Wireless also offers a host of tools to design and test public safety networks that enable system integrators and engineering firm carry out their activities more accurately and efficiently.

Private Networks

Recently, a new type of private network–private cellular networks that use 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) and 5G technologies–have begun to be deployed by many companies. Because these networks use cellular technologies, and are compatible with public cellular networks, they offer organizations many of the coverage, security, and other capabilities they need for more advanced IIoT applications. In addition, the long-term management costs for these networks are often lower than other wireless technologies.

However, organizations face many questions as they consider whether they should deploy a private LTE or 5G network, including how these private networks work and what specific advantages they offer over Wi-Fi and other private networks. ATEC Wireless brings vast experience to help organizations design, plan and deploy the right private network that suits their needs.