Covering all your network projects life cycle

Consulting & Advisory

Today’s evolving technologies, changing governance structures and limited resources play a big role in the success of the telecom industry. Whether you are trying to build a new network, upgrade, better operate, or are interested in best practices to run your network, ATEC Wireless has your back. Our consulting practice helps business leaders respond to their customers’ needs. We focus on producing value, not contractor hours. Our consulting domain covers:

    • Engineering & Management.
    • Spectrum Engineering & Advisory.
    • Strategy and Technology Evaluations.
    • Business Case Studies and Financial Modeling.
    • Regulatory Compliance & Project Management.
    • Critical Infrastructure & Operations.
    • Risk Assessment & Safety Audits.
    • Organization transformation

Network Design & Planning Services

A pioneer in the industry since 2004, ATEC has performed network services for the largest wireless operators in North America. The company has worked with all major RAN access technologies and participated in the success of some of the largest and most sophisticated wireless systems in the world. ATEC brings local knowledge and global best practices to its customers, offering innovative solutions, insight into cutting-edge developments and delivering solutions that increase business efficiencies. ATEC’s radio frequency engineering services focus on improving both the economic and technical efficiencies of wireless networks. By leveraging our extensive global wireless experience in analyzing every type of network possible, ATEC offers unshakeable expertise, independent tools, and custom reporting. Our service portfolio includes:

    • RF Design & Network Planning (5G, LTE, CBRS & Wifi)
    • Network Performance Monitoring & Traffic Analysis
    • DAS & Small Cells Venue Network Engineering
    • Benchmarking & Audits
    • Network Dimensioning
    • RF Managed Services
    • E-911 Compliance
    • RF Safety and Compliance Services
    • Quality of Service (QoS)
    • CW Testing & Drive / Walk Testing Services

Deployment & Construction

Large-scale expansion of telecommunication networks and deployment constitute complex and challenging projects, from both a technical and management perspective. ATEC Wireless has significant end-to-end capability across acquisition, design, project management, project-support and field operations functions. With an over 20 year track record in delivering expert services, we have developed an unrivaled breadth and depth of experience. Each assignment or project we undertake has its bespoke service designed by the leadership team in conjunction with our client. We will take care of:

    • Site Acquisition
    • Field Survey
    • Structural Analysis
    • Ground Civils
    • New Site Build
    • Overlay Site Construction
    • Integration & Commissioning
    • EMF & Electrical Works
    • Site Rigging & Crane Services
    • Tiger Teams
    • PIM Hunting & Line Sweep Testing
    • Site Decommission

Operations & Maintenance

In order to provide consistent and reliable services, addressing operations and maintenance requirements are crucial. ATEC Wireless provides end to end network operations & maintenance services covering the entire network life cycle, encompassing technical, operational, business and organizational aspects. We provide customized, scalable, integrated, reliable, responsive and cost-effective solutions for the active and passive operations and maintenance requirements of the telecom industry. ATEC Wireless will take care the following:

    • Preventive Maintenance.
    • Corrective Maintenance.
    • Network Operations.
    • O&M Baseline & Risk Assessment.
    • Energy Management.
    • CapEx Efficiency – Benchmarking of CapEx Utilization.
    • OpEx Efficiency – Identify High OpEx and High TCO cost drivers.
    • E2E Service Quality Benchmarking.

Advanced Analytics

Data analytics and data science is one of the core competencies that we have built through our vast experience of network and users behavior and our familiarity with the network infrastructures OEMs. Some covered aspects include:

    • Network Performance
    • Traffic and User Behavior
    • Cost Analysis
    • Spectrum Analysis
    • Build Plans
    • Layers Management