Replace your old equipment with our all new wideband multiport CW transmitters and receivers.

Our transmitter allows you to test up to 6 bands and reduces the need to purchase costly testing equipment. The Hermes transmitter and receiver can cover most wireless technology bands and pairs instantly with our iMeasure application.

As a six-port wideband portable transmitter, Hermes enables you to inject or transmit six simultaneous CW signals in any frequency between 130Mhz and 28Ghz. The use of multi-port and wide frequency range cuts testing time by 86% compared to competitors’ solutions.

The Hermes CW Transmitter

Hermes CW Transmitters and Receivers

Product Features

Six-Port Wideband Transmitter

Wideband SDR Portable Receiver

The ATEC CW Transmitter

Key Advantages

ATEC’s CW transmitter series is a unique addition to the wireless market and features the following key advantages:

Portable and lightweight

AC- and battery-operated

Price flexibility with modular configuration of 1 to 6 RF modules

Simultaneous transmission of up to 6 bands on separate ports (saves time during multiple band testing)

Indoor and outdoor use with optional amplifiers

Frequencies available up to 4G, 6G and 28Ghz covering all commercial bands


Why should planners use the Hermes CW Transmitter?

The Hermes transmitter generates a CW (Continuous Wave) signal with a maximum output power of +20 dBM over a wide band of 138 MHz to 30 GHz, depending on the module. The Hermes is ideal for network testing because it is cost-effective, lightweight, and easy to use for both indoor and outdoor testing (with an amplifier).

How many signal bands does the Hermes Transmitter support?

The Hermes Transmitter supports up to 6 CW signals to allow planners to test a variety of different networks. Supported bands include—but are not limited to—CBRS, LTE, UMTS/HSxPA, and GSM/EDGE.

Is the Hermes Transmitter easy to use?

Yes, we have designed the Hermes Transmitter to be easy to operate through an ergonomic user interface, a fully functional keypad, and a LCD display. The Hermes is also highly portable and comes with a carrying case.

How is the Hermes Transmitter powered?

The Hermes Transmitter is powered by a rechargeable Lithium ion battery with a 10,000mAh capacity. The Hermes will operate while the battery is charging and when disconnected from the charger. A charging operation LED indicates the approximate level of battery life left in the device.