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DASCAD Network Planning Platform

DASCAD is the only platform combining outdoor and indoor planning and optimization utilizing state-of-the-art, high-definition 3D prediction and 3D traffic mapping.
DASCAD solution addresses the need for a high resolution hetronet platform capable of simulating all network elements—including Macro, Small Cells and DAS—in one platform. DASCAD solution produces a complete picture of the RF environment without leaving out any signal source that should be considered during the design process. The solution provides a platform for engineers and decision makers to run and compare design and optimization scenarios before applying them to the live network. This leads to better user experience during the deployment. Legacy solutions plan and design different network layers in isolated silos, leading to optimization challenges.


iMeasure Data Collection Application

iMeasure© is a pocket-sized Android-based solution for measurements of the wireless air interface. iMeasure is designed and tested on most Android-based devices and supports Wi-Fi / GSM / EDGE / GPRS / WCDMA / HSUPA / CDM / EVDO / HSPA / LTE / 5G. iMeasure© is compatible with both Android-based handset and tablet devices. iMeasure is also able to collect data from signal receivers connected via USB, enabling users to collect CW measurements and network scanning.

iMeasure© is a light-sized, yet intelligent solution that is highly suitable for onsite troubleshooting and site surveys. Simply take a picture of the floor plan or upload an existing picture and start tapping the screen to place markers as you walk through the building. The state of the art mapping algorithm converts the floor plan into a geodetic image and assigns coordinates to the collected measurements.

The locations and signals are traced and recorded, so the data may easily be imported to any mapping software for further analysis. A snapshot of the results is also saved with the color-coded measurements and could be emailed onsite directly from your mobile device. In addition to its indoor capabilities, iMeasure© also allows users to collect traditional drive testing data utilizing GPS coordinates. The collected data is overlaid on Google Maps directly on the mobile device during the drive test and is saved to a log file for easy import into popular GIS tools. Indoor coverage testing therefore becomes critical in evaluating and designing the micro/pico network layers to fill indoor coverage holes in which macro networks may fail to reach. When assessing the need for an in-building solution, a thrall study is completed to determine the most economical design that complements the existing macro network with additional network elements.

iMeasure© plays an essential role in helping design engineers to easily and effectively assess the existing coverage and to narrow down the design objective. In busy office buildings, shopping malls, subways stations, and other spaces where it is difficult to carry bulky test equipment, iMeasure© is always conveniently and readily available in your pocket to conduct comprehensive coverage studies, radio interference analysis, and various test procedures that would otherwise pose logistical challenges.

Use Cases & Features

Hermes CW Transmitters & Receivers

When using the Hermes “six port wide band” portable transmitter, you are able to inject or transmit six simultaneous CW signals in any frequency between 130Mhz and 28Ghz. Multi-port and wide frequency range cuts testing time by 86% compared to competitors’ solutions.
ATEC’s CW transmitter series is a unique addition to the wireless market and features the following key advantages:

  • Portable and lightweight
  • AC and battery operated
  • Price flexibility with the modular configuration of 1 to 6 RF modules
  • Offers simultaneous transmission of up to 6 bands on separate ports. This feature saves time during multiple band testing
  • Indoor and outdoor use with the optional amplifiers
  • Frequencies available up to 4G, 6G and 28Ghz covering all commercial bands
The Hermes CW wide band multi port transmitter and accompanying 1Mhz to 6Ghz wide band receiver enables users to collect signal strength of up to 12 channels utilizing tablet-based Android application iMeasure.

Use Cases & Features