ATEC provides a suite of products and tools designed to improve your network planning, data collection and measurement, and even transmission. Find out more about our product line below. 

DASCAD Network Planning Platform

DASCAD is the only platform combining outdoor and indoor planning and optimization utilizing state-of-the-art, high-definition 3D prediction and 3D traffic mapping. DASCAD solution addresses the need for a high resolution hetronet platform capable of simulating all network elements—including Macro, Small Cells and DAS—in one platform.

iMeasure Data Collection Application

iMeasure© is a pocket-sized Android-based solution for measurements of the wireless air interface. With iMeasure, you can collect data from signal receivers connected via USB for easier CW measurements and network scanning.

Hermes CW Transmitters & Receivers

When using the Hermes “six port wide band” portable transmitter, you are able to inject or transmit six simultaneous CW signals in any frequency between 130Mhz and 28Ghz.

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