Airport Network Performance Improvement

Airports RF environment is one of the most complex ones. Due to the high capacity requirements, airports typically have indoor DAS systems as well as outdoor DAS systems. In addition, macro sites around the airport contribute with significant RF signal even in the most optimized networks

This complex RF environment requires a special analysis platform that allows RF engineers to simulate all RF sources, apply network changes and understand its impact prior to live implementation

In a recent project, the objective of the analysis is to study coverage of the access in and around the airport and recommend changes to improve coverage and signal quality. DASCAD was used to conduct this study. A breakdown of the scope is detailed below:

Model Terminal A, B, C, E, Satellite and two Parking Garages and to match the exact terminals structures and materials, build an outdoor project area of about 9 square miles and download terrain and 3D building database, import existing macro sites configurations, simulate coverage and signal quality of the outdoor macro sites, import walk test inside terminals and/or drive test outside the airport, compare with prediction and tune the model if required, modify macro to address current coverage issues and present before/after results, apply modifications to network and perform a walk test/drive test

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